Vaccines and Immune Therapies

澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的目标是开发和提供变革性疫苗和抗体, providing long-lasting immunity to millions of people, where the burden of disease is greatest.

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Our commitment

澳门第一赌城在线娱乐致力于开发和提供变革性疫苗和抗体, providing long-lasting immunity for millions of people, where the burden of disease is greatest. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐在真正的全球努力中发挥了重要作用,以应对前所未有的新挑战.1 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐将继续推进疫苗和免疫疗法方面的科学研究,并与合作伙伴合作,推动改善公共卫生,确保澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的科学惠及数百万人.

Looking to the future

想象一下这样一个世界:一种疫苗就可以保护人们免受冠状病毒的侵害, flu, and respiratory syncytial virus. 在这个世界里,长效抗体可以保护最脆弱的人免受这些传染病的侵害, for more than a year. This is the future we are working towards.

Our focus areas

To achieve our ambition, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐正在优化疫苗和抗体的潜力,以确保不让任何患者掉队. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐正在设计下一代疫苗,这些疫苗有可能产生有效和持久的免疫反应. At the same time, we are pioneering novel approaches to develop highly targeted, long-acting antibodies, optimised with our half-life extension technology.2 We focus on a range of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2,3 influenza4 and RSV.5

Complementary approach

Vaccines for active immunisation; antibodies for passive immunisation for those who can’t mount an immune response 


Innovative next-generation technologies for vaccines; accelerated human antibody discovery, long-acting, high-yield manufacturing for antibodies.


SAR-CoV-2, influenza, RSV & beyond

Our commitment to combatting coronavirus (COVID-19) disease

澳门第一赌城在线娱乐继续致力于发现和开发抗击COVID-19的新方法, 重点是保护最脆弱的患者,他们仍然受到COVID-19的严重影响,并面临严重疾病的风险.

Our people

We are a passionate and dedicated team of scientists, researchers, clinicians, medical and commercial professionals. We are breaking new boundaries with our discoveries, supported by our heritage, and empowered by our collaborations with commercial, academic and government leaders across the world.

疫苗和免疫疗法单位是在一个新的和令人兴奋的疾病预防时代的最前沿. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的团队致力于推动科学的发展,这让我深受鼓舞, helping to create a fairer and healthier future for all.

Iskra Reic Executive Vice President, Vaccines and Immune Therapies Unit, AstraZeneca.

Join us


Our medicines

澳门第一赌城在线娱乐无法在本网站上提供澳门第一赌城在线娱乐处方药的详细信息, in compliance with regulations. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的药物在个别国家获得了特定用途的批准,澳门第一赌城在线娱乐为患者提供的信息受当地法规的约束. In some cases, 医疗保健专业人员和患者可以访问当地的澳门在线赌城娱乐网站,了解更多澳门在线赌城娱乐药物的信息. Please note that in some countries we are not allowed to provide very much, or sometimes any, 澳门在线赌城娱乐处方药的信息,所以你应该寻找其他值得信赖的来源. Always ask a healthcare professional for advice about medicines.


tixagevimab and cilgavimab

Fluenz Tetra/FluMist Quadrivalent

influenza vaccine live, intra-nasal



Our pipeline for V&I

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of science, 开发下一代疫苗和抗体,有能力改变澳门第一赌城在线娱乐预防和治疗地方性和大流行性病毒的方式.

Vaccine & Immune therapies (as of 25 April 2024)

Phase I

Phase I

Phase II

Phase II

Phase III

Phase III

LCM Projects

LCM Projects


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Veeva ID: Z4-62731
Date of preparation: March 2024